Philips Steam Iron GC3929/60

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 Philips Steam Iron GC3929/60

Optimal Temp technology in Steam Iron with Less Energy Consumption.

  • 2600 W
  • 45 g/min continuous steam
  • 200 g steam boost
  • SteamGlide Plus soleplate

Press everything from silk to jeans without adjusting the temperature. Its auto adjusts temperature system keeps you more confident about fabric damage.

No Drip-Drop marks on clothes while ironing.

It does not leave watermarks on clothes, keeps clean and shiny in the original condition of the fabric. Press your clothes easily and fearlessly with its drip drop function.

image of (GC3929/60) drip drop from iron

Guarantee of No-burn of Fabric

Thanks to Optimal Temp technology, we guarantee this iron will never cause burns to any Ironable fabric. You can even leave it resting face down on your clothes or ironing board. No burns and no shine fade Guaranteed.

No burn guarantee

Steam output up to 45 g/min for strong, steady performance

Strong and consistent steam output to remove creases faster. Does not makes the other creases of the fabric.

Steam output up to 45 g/min for strong, steady performance of Steam Iron

Steam-Glide Plus sole-plate Suitable for every kind of fabric

Our exclusive Steam Glide Plus soleplate iron with its advanced titanium layer and 6-layer coating delivers the ultimate gliding performance over any fabric.

This is Non-stick, scratch-resistant, and easy to keep clean Plate. 

SteamGlide Plus soleplate for ultimate gliding performance

Automatic Shut Off Steam Iron

The iron shuts itself off if you leave it standing still. On its heel rest, soleplate or side, it will automatically switch off after 2 don't worry about temperature increases or burn.

Automatic shut-off function of Philips (GC3929/60) Iron

Best Quality Sole-Plate

Some irons get a black mark on the plate cause of water using, This iron operates with ordinary tap water. Calc-clean is a built-in cleaning function to remove calcium buildup, or limescale, and maintain peak performance.

Built-in calc-clean slider, long-lasting steam performance

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