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Philips Multi Styler BHH811/00 - Jango MallPhilips Multi Styler BHH811/00 - Jango Mall
Philips Philips Multi Styler BHH811/00
Sale priceRs.17,900.00
Remington Keratin Protect Straightener S8540Remington Keratin Protect Straightener S8540
Remington Remington Keratin Protect Straightener S8540
Sale priceRs.16,900.00
Philips Heated Straightening Brush BHH880/03Philips Heated Straightening Brush BHH880/03
Philips Philips Heated Straightening Brush BHH880/00
Sale priceRs.16,500.00
Panasonic Hair Styler EH-KA81Panasonic Hair Styler EH-KA81
Panasonic Panasonic Hair Styler EH-KA81
Sale priceRs.16,898.00
Philips Hair Straightener BHS675/00Philips Hair Straightener BHS675/00
Philips Mini Straightener HP8301/00 - Jango MallPhilips Mini Straightener HP8301/00 - Jango Mall
Philips ThermoProtect Straightener BHS375/00Philips ThermoProtect Straightener BHS375/00
Panasonic Hair Straightener EH-HV70Panasonic Hair Straightener EH-HV70
Panasonic Panasonic Hair Straightener EH-HV70
Sale priceRs.22,748.00
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Panasonic Hair Dryer EH-NE65Panasonic Hair Dryer EH-NE65
Panasonic Panasonic Hair Dryer EH-NE65
Sale priceRs.7,499.00
Remington Reveal Callus Remover CR4000Remington Reveal Callus Remover CR4000
Remington Remington Reveal Callus Remover CR4000
Sale priceRs.8,950.00
Sold Out
Philips Bikini trimmer BRT381/15 - Jango MallPhilips Bikini trimmer BRT381/15 - Jango Mall
Panasonic Hair Straightener EH-HV21Panasonic Hair Straightener EH-HV21
Panasonic Panasonic Hair Straightener EH-HV21
Sale priceRs.11,698.00
Panasonic Epilator ES-EU10Panasonic Epilator ES-EU10
Panasonic Panasonic Epilator ES-EU10
Sale priceRs.13,648.00
Panasonic Hair Styler EH-KA11
Panasonic Panasonic Hair Styler EH-KA11
Sale priceRs.8,058.00
Panasonic Hair Straightener EH-HV11Panasonic Hair Straightener EH-HV11
Panasonic Panasonic Hair Straightener EH-HV11
Sale priceRs.9,098.00
Remington Hydraluxe Straightener S8901Remington Hydraluxe Straightener S8901
Remington Remington Hydraluxe Straightener S8901
Sale priceRs.17,900.00
Panasonic Hair Dryer EH-ND65Panasonic Hair Dryer EH-ND65
Panasonic Panasonic Hair Dryer EH-ND65
Sale priceRs.10,398.00
Panasonic Hair Dryer EH-ND12Panasonic Hair Dryer EH-ND12
Panasonic Panasonic Hair Dryer EH-ND12
Sale priceRs.5,198.00
Panasonic Low Noise Hair Dryer EH-ND57Panasonic Low Noise Hair Dryer EH-ND57
Panasonic Panasonic Low Noise Hair Dryer EH-ND57
Sale priceRs.9,098.00
Panasonic 3 in 1 Wet/Dry Epilator ES-EU20Panasonic 3 in 1 Wet/Dry Epilator ES-EU20
Panasonic Panasonic 3 in 1 Wet/Dry Epilator ES-EU20
Sale priceRs.17,548.00
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Philips ThermoProtect Straightener BHS376/00Philips ThermoProtect Straightener BHS376/00
Philips Philips ThermoProtect Straightener BHS376/00
Sale priceRs.7,500.00 Regular priceRs.8,499.00
Panasonic Hair Dryer EH-ND21Panasonic Hair Dryer EH-ND21
Panasonic Panasonic Hair Dryer EH-ND21
Sale priceRs.7,148.00
Remington Interchangeable Multistyler AS8670Remington Interchangeable Multistyler AS8670
Remington Remington Interchangeable Multistyler AS8670
Sale priceRs.18,600.00
Philips Hair Dryer BHD300/13Philips Hair Dryer BHD300/13
Philips Philips Hair Dryer BHD300/13
Sale priceRs.11,800.00
Remington Colors Protect Dryer D6090Remington Colors Protect Dryer D6090 in Pakistan
Remington Remington Colors Protect Dryer D6090
Sale priceRs.10,500.00
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Philips Safe and Easy Trimmer BRT383/60Philips Safe and Easy Trimmer BRT383/60
Panasonic Hair Styler EH-KA31Panasonic Hair Styler EH-KA31
Panasonic Panasonic Hair Styler EH-KA31
Sale priceRs.10,398.00
Remington Longer Length Straightener S1005Remington Longer Length Straightener S1005 in Pakistan
Remington Remington Longer Length Straightener S1005
Sale priceRs.11,700.00
Remington Shine Therapy Dryer D5216Remington Shine Therapy Dryer D5216 in Pakistan
Remington Remington Shine Therapy Dryer D5216
Sale priceRs.13,000.00
Remington Power Volume 2000 Dryer D3015Remington Power Volume 2000 Dryer D3015 in Pakistan
Remington Remington Power Volume 2000 Dryer D3015
Sale priceRs.11,400.00
Sencor Hair Iron SHI5300GDSencor Hair Iron SHI5300GD
Sencor Sencor Hair Iron SHI5300GD
Sale priceRs.10,999.00
Remington Hydraluxe AC Hairdryer AC8901Remington Hydraluxe AC Hairdryer AC8901 in Pakistan
Remington Remington Hydraluxe AC Hairdryer AC8901
Sale priceRs.19,200.00
Remington Curler Pro Luxe Tong CI9132Remington Curler Pro Luxe Tong CI9132
Remington Remington Curler Pro Luxe Tong CI9132
Sale priceRs.13,800.00
Panasonic Hair Styler EH-KA42Panasonic Hair Styler EH-KA42
Panasonic Panasonic Hair Styler EH-KA42
Sale priceRs.9,098.00
Sencor Hair Iron SHI4500GDSencor Hair Iron SHI4500GD
Sencor Sencor Hair Iron SHI4500GD
Sale priceRs.10,999.00
Philips Corded Compact Epilator BRE225/00Philips Corded Compact Epilator BRE225/00
Philips Philips Corded Compact Epilator BRE225/00
Sale priceRs.7,999.00
Remington Ionic Hair Dryer D3010Remington Ionic Hair Dryer D3010
Remington Remington Ionic Hair Dryer D3010
Sale priceRs.9,500.00
Remington Keratin Pro Dryer D8002Remington Keratin Pro Dryer D8002 in Pakistan
Remington Remington Keratin Pro Dryer D8002
Sale priceRs.17,200.00
Remington Pro Spiral Curl Tong CI5519Remington Pro Spiral Curl Tong CI5519
Remington Remington Pro Spiral Curl Tong CI5519
Sale priceRs.9,700.00
Remington Straight Brush CB7400Remington Straight Brush CB7400 in pakistan
Remington Remington Straight Brush CB7400
Sale priceRs.15,400.00
Remington Silk Ceramic Straightener S9600 Remington Silk Ceramic Straightener S9600
Remington Remington Silk Ceramic Straightener S9600
Sale priceRs.17,900.00
Remington On The Go Compact Dryer D1500Remington On The Go Compact Dryer D1500 in Pakistan
Remington Remington On The Go Compact Dryer D1500
Sale priceRs.9,400.00
Sold Out
Philips Bikini Trimmer BRT382/15Philips Bikini Trimmer BRT382/1
Philips Philips Bikini Trimmer BRT382/15
Sale priceRs.5,499.00
Remington Pro Air Shine Dryer D5215Remington Pro Air Shine Dryer D5215 in Pakistan
Remington Remington Pro Air Shine Dryer D5215
Sale priceRs.12,700.00
Remington Pro Ceramic Straightener S5525Remington Pro Ceramic Straightener S5525
Remington Remington Pro Ceramic Straightener S5525
Sale priceRs.15,400.00
Remington Dryer Style Spin Curl Kit D5219Remington Dryer Style Spin Curl Kit D5219 in Pakistan
Remington Remington Dryer Style Spin Curl Kit D5219
Sale priceRs.14,800.00
Remington Ceramic Straightener S1450Remington Ceramic Straightener S1450
Remington Remington Ceramic Straightener S1450
Sale priceRs.8,700.00
Remington Ceramic 230 Straightener S3500Remington Ceramic 230 Straightener S3500
Remington Remington Ceramic 230 Straightener S3500
Sale priceRs.10,200.00

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