Oxford Duo Black Backpacks

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Oxford Duo Black Backpacks


Height:11 Inches
Width :13 Inches
Depth:6 Inches

Vegan Leather

2 inner pockets with zipping
2 outer open pockets

Double usage:
Can be used as a Handbag or as a Backpack.

Oxford Duo Black Backpacks is a premium city backpack that is carefully handmade in Pakistan from the best quality leather, using traditional expert craftsmanship.

The matching stitching gives it that perfect finish.

You can wear it like a traditional backpack or shoulder bag.

These backpacks are practical, compact, and stylish making them ideal for city explorers.

Our city backpack collection is this season a must-have addition to your wardrobe.

Available in a variety of colors, perfect to complement your favorite look.


  • Comes in 2 carrying options
  • Custom engravings available
  • Vibrant Pink interior & exterior
  • Suitable for tablets & laptops up to 10 inches
  • Sturdy silver nickel buckles & integrated cardholder
  • Complete with adjustable and detachable shoulder straps

What's a Backpack:

backpack—also called knapsack, rucksack, rucksack, pack, backpack, Nooksack, bookbag,

or backpack—is, in its simplest frameless form, a cloth sack carried on

one's back and secured with two straps that go over the shoulders,

but it can have an external frame, internal frame, and there are bodypacks.

Large backpacks used to carry loads over 10 kg (22 lbs), and smaller sports backpacks,

usually, offload the biggest part of their weight onto padded hip belts.

This leaves the shoulder straps mainly for keeping the load in place.

This makes it easier to carry heavy loads because the hips are stronger than the shoulders.

It also improves agility and balance, because the load lies closer to the center of mass of the person wearing it.

In the very distant past, backpacks were to carry hunters' larger catches.

If the hunts were even larger, the hunters would cut their prey into pieces and hand out the pieces to other hunters.

The hunters would then carry smaller pieces separately.

The bag would be made up of animal skin and sewn together by animal intestines.

They would then be woven together tightly to make a firm material.

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