Xperia Z4 10.1 inch 2K Display

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  • Clock Speed 1.83 GHz

  • Number of Cores Quad-Core

  • 64-bit Computing Yes

  • Type Atom

  • Processor Number Z3735F

  • Manufacturer Intel


Xperia Z4 10.1 inch 2K Display


  • 10.1" QHD 2K Amazing DIsplay

  • 3gb RAM for faster responses

  • 32gb Internal Memory + SD Card Slot for expansion

  • WiFi + Sim Calling + 4G LTE

  • 8.1mp Rear Camera, 5.1mp Front Camera

  • 2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, 64-bit Octa Core

  • 6000mAH Battery with Quick Charge 2.0

Showing the Xperia Z4 Tablet’s stunning display

  • Icon showing the 2560x1600 resolution

  • A brilliant 2K display

  • A 2K display built on Sony TV technology shows-off your entertainment in all its glorious detail.

  • Icon showing the screen brightness

  • Light up your entertainment

  • With a stunning display that’s 40% brighter than the Xperia Z2 tablet screen, you get a stunning viewing experience – at any angle, even if you’re outside.

  • Icon showing the color spectrum

  • Colors, beautiful colors with live color LED technology this Android tablet delivers your entertainment in a rich spectrum of true-to-life colors.

Just You, Your Tablet and No Distractions

Immerse yourself with Sony´ssound-enhancingg technologies. High-Res Audio ensures you hear every detail on every track, while digital noise cancelling support literally shuts out external noise. So pop on a pair of DNC headphones and get some alone time with your Xperia Z4 Tablet.


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