Steinberg UR28M Console

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Steinberg UR28M Console


The UR28M is a recording and production solution for project studios prioritizing excellent sound and a swift workflow. Connections required for studios such as S/PDIF and routable TRS I/Os are at hand. Also on board are EQ and compression tools in the form of the Sweet Spot Morphing Channel Strips on each channel, not to forget the REV-X plug-in that provides quality reverb for modifying the intricacy of a sonic space and the Guitar Amp Classics effects for studio-grade guitar tracks. The UR28M allows for up to 5.1 surround with its six line outputs.


The UR28M interface is ideal for rehearsal rooms. Thanks to its practical size you can place it anywhere and even take it home with you. With analog and digital inputs over six channels plus acclaimed D-PRE mic preamps, UR28M provides everything you need to record your band in pristine audio quality. Record instruments and vocals in the rehearsal room and mix them later on at home or in the studio in Cubase AI or your preferred DAW

The UR28M close-up

1.    Dedicated high-impedance switches for connecting electric and bass guitars to inputs 1 and 2
2.    Pad switch for high-level input signals on inputs 1 and 2
3.    Phantom power switch for +48 V on inputs 1 and 2
4.    Individual gain knobs for inputs 1 and 2
5.    Phones volume knob for headphones output level
6.    2 track input level control for reference source input
7.    2 track on/off switch
8.    Input level LED meter for inputs 1–4
9.    Output LED meter

10.   Output select buttons
11.   Source select for 3 mix sources
12.   Mix 1–3 indicator
13.   DIM button
14.   Mono mix button
15.   Output level control
16.   Mute button
17.   Power switch
18.   Word clock source indicator

UR28M rear panel

1.    Power supply connector
2.    Ground screw
3.    2 track input
4.    USB 2.0 port
5.    Coaxial S/PDIF input/output

6.    Headphone outputs
7.    6 line outputs (TRS/TS supported)
8.    2 line inputs (TRS/TS supported)
9.    2 mic/line inputs (XLR/TRS combo connector with switchable high impedance)

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