Space Mini 10000 MAh POWER BANK Mi-035

Sale priceRs.2,999.00


Space Mini 10000 MAh POWER BANK Mi-035 

Description :

  • Quick Charger 3.0
  • LED Display
  • Fast Charger
  • 10000mAh Power Bank
  • Dual Usb Port
World’s Smallest Power Bank

Let not the name and size of the Mini External Power Bank fool you! This compact Power Bank offers a mind baffling amount of juice for your devices given its size. Literally smaller than your phone, it could be carried anywhere with great convenience. Buy the world’s smallest Power Bank now and relieve yourself the hassle of carrying a large, inconvenient Power Bank and the hassle of running out of battery in times of emergencies.

Allows Up To 5 Charges

With the Mini External Power Bank you can charge your devices up to 5 times!

Simultaneous Charging

The Dual USB ports allow charging for two exhausted batteries simultaneously.

LED Indicator

The LED indication allows you to keep a track on your Power Bank's battery so you are always reminded to charge it before you leave for someplace you might not find power outlets.


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