Sencor Vacuum Bagged Cleaner SVC 45RD

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Sencor Vacuum Bagged Cleaner SVC 45RD

Sencor Vacuum Bagged Cleaner Rubber coated wheels for easier handling and protection of floating floors.

Main features SVC 45RD

Max. power input 1400 W
Nominal power input 1200 W
Suction power 230 W
Noise level: < 80 dB
Plastic telescopic tube
A thermostat that prevents the motor from overheating
5-step filtration system
Docking position for the floor nozzle
Length of power cord 5 m (radius of operation 7.5 m)
Automatic cord winding
Full dust bag indicator
Universal floor nozzle with an extensible brush
Supplied accessories: combination nozzle (brush + slot), paper bag
The volume of dust bag: 1.5 l
Dimensions (length x width x height): 345 x 255 x 210 mm
Weight: 3.6 kg

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