Sencor SHD 7221GR Hair Dryer

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Sencor SHD 7221GR Hair Dryer

Sencor SHD 7221GR Hair Dryer Ionisation function generates negative ions (similar to the air after rain):

Main features SHD 7221GR

Power input 1800 W
Folding handle for easier storage and travel
•    guarantees silkier and shinier hair without crinkling
•    enables faster drying
•    reduces static electricity (hair is easier to comb out)
•    prevents hair damage
Ionisation function can be deactivated
2 speeds (gentle and strong air current)
3 power levels (low, medium and high temperature)
Cold air button for faster hairstyle fixation and modelling
Patented removable single current air nozzle
Indicator lights for cold air operation and ionisation
Very light design
Quiet DC motor
Anti-bacterial surface treatment
Removable rear grill for easier cleaning
Ergonomically shaped handle with an optimal layout of the control element for left- and right-handers
Wave-shaped heating spiral
•    guarantees that a constant temperature is maintained for the entire drying time
•    protects hair against damage by extremely hot air
Hanging loop
Silver-plated switch contacts ensure a longer service life
Thermal fuse protects the motor against overheating
Accessories: air nozzle
Length of the power cord: 1.7 m
Dimensions without the nozzle attached (length x depth x height): 178 x 81 x 255 mm
Dimensions with the nozzle attached (length x depth x height): 212 x 81 x 255 mm
Dimensions when folded without the nozzle attached (length x depth x height): 222 x 81 x 128 mm
Weight: 470 g

Technical specifications

Temperature levels 3
Number of attachments 1
Speeds 2
Cool air YES
Ionizer YES
Diffuser NO
Flexible end NO
Comb brush NO
Hanging loop YES
Power input 1 800 W
Height 25,5 cm
Width 17,8 cm
Depth 8,1 cm
Weight 470 g

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