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Spaghetti: Create vegetable spaghetti or fruit noodles, which you can use to garnish plates and serve as a healthy alternative to pasta.

Give your salad that connoisseur appeal with cucumbers sliced in spirals instead of slices, or use the blade to make oven-baked zucchini chips.

Designed with a large-capacity noodle collection container to simplify the addition of spirals to other ingredients. The pusher and feed tube are used to deliver vegetables to the blade, where a perfect result is achieved.
Drive boredom out of your kitchen and create original and healthy recipes using the SENCOR SSV 230WH Electric Spiralizer.

Are you finding it impossible to convince your children to eat enough fruit and vegetables? Try making them carrot spaghetti or fruit noodles and you will see how quickly they fall in love with them. We guarantee that this helper will become a favorite not only among healthy lifestyle devotees and vegetarians but also among those who have not yet found their way to vegetables.

It will make vegetable preparation faster and simpler. Using this electric spiralizer turns minutes into seconds. This may lead you to use more vegetables in your cooking.

The SENCOR SSV 230WH Spiralizer is an excellent way of increasing the share of vegetables in your diet and will help show the way to a healthy alternative to classic spaghetti. Compared to classic spaghetti Bolognese, this vegetable version has approximately one-tenth of carbohydrates, not to mention the high content of vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants and fibre. A further advantage is that it completely eliminates any traces of grains, making it ideal for a whole range of allergy sufferers.

This is a simple kitchen appliance comprising only a few parts. It is easy to set up or store away within a minute. So it need not gather dust on your countertop when you are not using it. Furthermore, thanks to its removable blades, cleaning is really easy and finished in a few moments.


  • Spiral blade
  • Spaghetti blade

Extra-wide feed tube for easy operation – 74mm


Power input: 90W
Anti-slip feet for maximum safety
Power cord length: 1.2m
220–240V, 50/60Hz

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