Sencor Double Induction Cooktop SCP4201GY

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Sencor Double Induction Cooktop SCP4201GY



  • Simple controls combining a classic knob with a touch panel
  • Easy-to-clean glass-ceramic induction cooktop
  • High efficiency, saves time and power when cooking

The glass-ceramic induction cooktop is cool to touch since heat via induction is created directly in the cookware (careful, the cooktop may be partially heated by the cookware). Induction cooking saves time (60 %) and electricity (50 %). It delivers high efficiency (up to 90 %) with minimal heat losses. The surface of the glass-ceramic cooktop guarantees easy and hygienic cleaning.

Touch panel in combination with a classic knob for setting temperature and power level
Microprocessor-controlled operation
Suitable cookware diameter is from 12 to 26 cm
Automatic cookware detection for induction cooking (with magnetic base)
Large legible LCD display with a red backlight
Temperature control in a range up to 240 °C
10 preset heating levels in the range 200 - 2000 W (200 – 1500 W)
Timer for delayed shut-off in the range 1 - 180 minutes, adjustable in 1-minute increments
ON/OFF button for turning on or switching to the standby mode
Anti-slip feet 


  • Automatic detection of cookware and automatic shut-off. The cooktop turns off when the cookware is taken off the hotplate or when cookware inappropriate for induction cooking is used. Verify the suitability of the cookware by simply applying a magnet to its base. 
  • Thermal fuse against overheating of the hotplate and the inside of the cooktop with a sound signal. First a warning signal is made, then the cooktop turns off automatically. 
  • Protection against overvoltage and Undervoltage in the power grid.
  • H/C symbol – letter H (hot) appears when the internal temperature of the cooktop exceeds 55 °C. Letter C appears when the internal temperature of the appliance is lower than 55 °C.

Power input 2000 / 1500 W
Dimensions (width × depth × height): 580 × 355 × 75 mm
Weight: 5.24 kg
Voltage and frequency: 220V - 240V ~ 50/60Hz
Timer: 1 - 180 minutes
Left hotplate: 10 power levels from 200 to 2000 W
Right hotplate: 10 power levels from 200 to 1500 W
Temperature settings from 60 to 240 °C 

Controls: a combination of touch panel with classic knob
Safety: control panel lock against unintended operation
Thermal fuse against overheating 

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