Panasonic Men Hair Trimmer

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 Panasonic Men Hair Trimmer (ER-217S721)

Versatile attachments for various styles

Simply changing the attachment lets you groom your beard, hair, and body hair easily. Use for trimming your beard evenly, making sharp lines, detailing and fine retouching, and hair cutting.

Acute 45° blade

Durable stainless steel blades with an acute 45° edge enable precise cutting.
Sharp cutting edges quickly cut even thick and hard hairs.

Precision trimmer for detailed trimming

Convenient for detailed stylings such as grooming a mustache or soul patch. Also useful for cutting sideburns and long hairs.

Quick adjust dial for easy length setting

For beard trimming

Turn dial to easily adjust comb up and down into 14 settings from 1-20mm. No need for multiple comb attachments.

0.5mm with attachment detached

Possible to style hair in combination with your own comb. Thinning attachment for natural-looking finish simply by stroking the hair.

Cord/cordless operation

AC rechargeable, providing up to 40 minutes of cordless usage.

Charge indicator lamp

During charging, the indicator light glows red.

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