Panasonic Blender MX-EX1521

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Panasonic Blender MX-EX1521

Uniquely shaped blades for a smooth, rich flavor.

The downward curving blades assure even mixing by scooping food ingredients from the bottom of the jug when rotating. Easily make smooth juice free of clumps every time! The four blades are made of stainless steel to resist rust and wear and maintain their sharpness even with regular long-term use.

Two dry mills for different uses.

There are two mills for enjoyment of dry ingredients with that just-ground aroma. The mills can be conveniently used for different ingredients, such as spices and coffee, so that odors don't clash. Made from lightweight plastic, they are sized to fit perfectly in your hand.

Easy. One-dial operation.

Simply turn the dial to operate. Select from two speeds: fast (speed 2) or slow (speed 1). Fast mode is good for blending fruits and vegetables until smooth, while slow
is ideal for soft ingredients. With the pulse function the blades rotate only when turning the dial, which is great for light mixing or adding the finishing touches to a blend.

Easy-to-handle plastic.

Pour using just one hand!

Made from lightweight, easy-to-handle plastic. After setting the jug on the blender, solid and liquid ingredients can be added through the inner lid during blending. The light weight makes pouring easy even when full. And because there is little risk of
breakage even if dropped, you can wash it without worry.

Built for safe, long-term use by the entire family.

A safety lock prevents the blender from being switched on if the jug or mill is not properly positioned. The blades will not rotate unless the blade base is
securely set in place. Operation stops automatically if the motor is overloaded*, preventing possible damage to the blender. 

The sleek design accents any kitchen interior.

The white color gives a clean, fresh appearance. The sleek, minimalist body coordinates well and makes a handsome addition to your kitchen décor. An attractively slim, space-saving design that takes up little space on the kitchen counter and stores easily.

  • Max. Motor Lock Wattage: 450W
  • Jug Capacity ( L ): 1.5
  • Jug Max Capacity ( L ): 2.0
  • Jug Material: Plastic
  • Speed Control: 2 Speed + 1 Pulse

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