Panasonic 2150W Steam iron

Sale priceRs.5,699.00


Steam iron


Vertical Steam

Spray Function

U-shaped titan soleplate


Panasonic 2150W Steam iron Designed with lower height than conventional model. Low center of gravity balance makes it comfortable to iron.

Easy & Stable Glide Panasonic 2150W Steam iron

Big Soleplate, Quick result

Cover wider area compared to conventional model,quick result. Compared from Panasonic current model E series.

Power Shot (120 g/min.)

Power Shot steam system jets out large quantities of concentrated steam, which penetrates deeply into thick knitted item.The steam smoothes out wrinkles deep down from the fiber, so that it never loses its texture. Furthermore, it is ideal for removing odor caught in hard-to-wash garments such as suits.


Anti-drip function to prevent spots on clothes.

During ironing
When the temperature of the soleplate drops to a certain level, it automatically stops the water supply to prevent leakage from the steam holes.

After ironing
Even when you the left in the iron, leakage is prevented.
*Switch the iron to Dry mode when in storage.

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