Montblanc StarWalker Fountain Pen 118845

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Montblanc StarWalker Fountain Pen 118845


  • Brand: Montblanc
  • Color:  Black
  • Gender: Men's
  • Clip:  Platinum-coated clip with embossed Montblanc brand name and individual serial number
  • Barrel: Black precious resin
  • Writing System: Fountain Pen
  • Dimensions : 134.5*13.1*13.1 mm
  • Physical Weight: 31.67 g


  • Model no: 114547
  • Series: Starwalker
  • Department: Pens
  • Category: Ballpoint pens
Montblanc StarWalker Fountain Pen 118845 is about walking amid the stars.

It's about exploring the cosmos and foreign galaxies, about being part of one of the most mysterious and powerful of humankind’s adventures: space exploration.

The collection's new design celebrates the immense emotion, described by all space travelers, of seeing our blue planet floating in the vast expanse of space.

The unique StarWalker emblem technology features a blue translucent dome

beneath the Montblanc emblem, reminiscent of the Earth emerging above the lunar horizon.

The StarWalker Doué comes with platinum-coated fittings and a black precious resin barrel.

Jangomall is having a wide range of varieties in Mont Blanc Accessories.


From the beginning stages of assembling individual parts to presenting a truly alive and resplendent piece,

our products are lifestyle companions that will accompany you and future generations to come.

The process of completing our products is one of absolute care and passion.

It has this passion that quickly carried us over to uncharted territories and new endeavors.

We venture out to conquer the world of timepieces and premium leather goods,

for which we select nothing short of the finest materials, a tradition we continue to this day.

If you look for it, you can really feel the love that has gone into creating each piece, one that lasts for generations to come.

Crafting our products by hand is one of our greatest pleasures,

and we firmly believe in giving every piece meaning.

A story. A purpose. Because to us, these aren’t mere objects.

They are vessels that are meant to carry our passion out into the world – and blend our story with yours.

Mont blanc that you will Love. give’s you an elegant look that will be unforgettable.

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