Larive Aqua Bella For Women Spray

Sale priceRs.4,300.00


  • Brand: La Rive

  • Size: 100 ML

  • Season: All

  • Packing: Box


Aqua Bella Perfume

Aqua Bella by La Rive Perfume. First released in 2014, Aqua Bella is a delectably fresh green and white floral fragrance with a unique undercurrent of sweetness and spice. The scent opens with crisp citrus and herbal top notes of sparkling lemon and crushed mint leaf. Subtle tones of leather and amber emerge during the final dry down, which rounds out the fruit and florals of the opening with labdanum, cedar and the dark vanilla facets of brown sugar.

Fragrance notes
- Top Notes: mint, lime
- Heart Notes: jasmine, water sounds
- Base Notes: cedar, myrrh

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