KN95 Mask With Breathing Valve

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KN95 Protective Mask With Breathing Valve

Benefits of KN95 Masks:

There are lots of masks available in the market but KN95 Mask is different. The normal mask can prevent you from dust but it can’t save you from viruses and pollution.

But, KN95 Mask prevents you from all types of viruses in the air, dust particles, pollution, etc. It has 5 layers Protection which you can’t get by another mask. It easily filters polluted air and makes you easy in breathing.

Uses of KN95 Mask:

KN95 Mask is useful for males, females, kids, and old people. It is useful in many ways like as:-

  • It can easily fit on mouth and nose

  • It has 5 layers of facilities from which you can get clean and fresh air

  • Keep you away from dust, allergies, pollution, and viruses

  • It is very light in weight and you will not feel any heavy on your mouth

  • It is specially designed to fight against “Covid-19”

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