Haier Automatic Washing Machine

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  • High efficiency

  • Fuzzy Logic

  • DD motor

  • Fully Automatic

  • Memory Backup

  • Powerful motor

  • LED display


Haier Automatic Washing Machine : Highly efficient motor ensures powerful rotation of clothes. Strong motor promises ensure high durability and efficiency to take heavy load so.

Haier Automatic Washing Machine : will not only help you clean your clothes efficiently but also will utilize less electricity as it cleans your clothes faster and better  so now you don't have to do much hard work .

Shower Rinse

Water comes into the drum in the form of a shower . This rinse action removes foam from the laundry in a better way.

Powerful Motor

Strong promises ensure high durability and good to take heavy load.

Highly good work to washing the clothes speedily so.

 Anti Germs wash

In any moral washer mildew established on gasket after some time.

This machine washed the clothes from germs satisfactorily.

Enjoy iron and night time wash.

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