Calvin Klein CK Free for Men EDT 100ML

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CK Free for Men EDT 100ML


  • Brand: Calvin Klein
  • Gender: Men's
  • Type: Eau de Toilette
  • Launch year: 200


  • Top Notes: Incorporate absinth, jackfruit, star annis, and juniper berries
  • Heart Notes: Suede, coffee, tobacco leaf, and buchu (Agathosma betulina)
  • Base Notes: Offers oak, patchouli, cedar, and ironwood.
CK Free for Men EDT 100ML  by Calvin Klein is a Woody Aromatic fragrance for men.

CK Free was launched in 2009.

CK Free was created by Rodrigo Flores-Roux and Ellen Molner.

CK Free incorporates absinth, jackfruit, star anise, juniper berries, suede, coffee, and oak.

The dynamic scent of freedom, it is a fragrance for men with ambition, scope, hopes, and dreams.

Cool and controlled, he has his eyes on the prize, and his heart invested in the adventure.

CK Free by Calvin Klein is a Woody Aromatic, modern, masculine fragrance for men.

Eau de Toilette or Eau de Parfum? While Eau de Toilette contains 5-9% of perfume oil, Eau de Parfum usually contains 8-14%. Eau de Parfums, therefore, last longer and smell more intense. Notes and different smell after application? Perfumes are often designed with top, middle and base notes, and designed to smell different based on the time after application. For example, some top note citrus scents smell stronger immediately upon application, while a lavender middle note may be sensed after some time from the application as the top note evaporates.

It is a sensational blend of dynamic scents coming from oriental spices, woods, and leather.

The warm masculine scent envelopes you into the dreamy top notes of jackfruit, juniper berry, and star anise followed by the signature essence of coffee, suede, and tobacco leaves.

It settles down to a dramatic passionate base note of cedarwood, ironwood, patchouli, and oak.

It compliments a man with minimalist yet modern style.

    • Bold fragrance for men
    • Creates a rich sense of drama, power, and warmth
    • Combination of woody, leathery and spicy scents
    • Lingers around throughout the day
    • Available in 100ml
This perfume lets you redefine your personality with its pleasant woody notes.

Top notes are Juniper Berries, Star Anise, Wormwood, and jackfruit; middle notes are Suede, Tobacco, Coffee, and Buchu, or Agathosma; base notes are Virginia cedar, Patchouli, Oak, and Woody Notes.

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